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The Fragrance Science & Advocacy Council asserts the power of science and technical expertise with one year of successes

The coordinated approach continues to address regulatory changes affecting fragrance

Firmenich, Givaudan, IFF, and Symrise, in March 2021, united to launch the Fragrance Science & Advocacy Council (FSAC), a trade association dedicated to advancing responsible science-based public policy in North America. The trade association is touching its 1-year milestone on March 16th, 2022.

In its first year, the FSAC moved key issues forward with its science-based advocacy:

• Following a joint letter submission with the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) on 1‐bromopropane in July 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health acknowledged and accepted the FSAC’s offer to be a recognized source for information on fragrances and fragrance materials.

• The FSAC generated science-based technical material illustrating that Cashmeran® is not a polycyclic musk (PCM).

• In January 2022, the FSAC worked with a leading cosmetics retailer to remove the PCM classification of Cashmeran®.

• In February 2022, FSAC established constructive dialogue with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT).

• FSAC is in the process of launching a website dedicated to sharing information on our activities.

The FSAC Board of Directors and its three committees—Scientific Affairs, Government Relations, and Communications—have mapped out the association’s 2022 priorities. The FSAC will continue to foster collaboration with sister-trade organizations.

“We started this trade association in March 2021 with a clear vision of what we wanted to accomplish – and I am pleased and proud to see the progress we have made in our first twelve months. Our science-based approach has been welcomed by both government agencies and the private sector. We have made a tangible positive impact for our members through the successful defense of our ingredients and collaboration with the EPA. We have established our position within the overall framework of relevant trade associations to maximize our ability to effect change. I am excited to see what we can accomplish in our second year.” Shawn Blythe, FSAC Board Chair and President.

The Fragrance Science & Advocacy Council supports the IFRA Code of Practice and requires all members to comply with IFRA Ingredient Standards.

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