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The Fragrance Science & Advocacy Council Holds Inaugural Annual Meeting in December 2021

The Fragrance Science & Advocacy Council (FSAC) held its inaugural Annual Meeting on Thursday, December 9th, 2021. Representatives from all five FSAC member companies (Bath and Body Works, Firmenich, Givaudan, IFF, and Symrise) attended the in-person and virtual hybrid event, during which the FSAC’s Board of Directors, Communications Committee, Government Relations Committee, and Scientific Affairs Committee met to review progress and map goals and priorities for 2022.

In 2022, the FSAC Committees will promote sound science, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement. Key federal issues include EPA approval of new ingredients, cosmetic reform, transparency on ingredient communication to consumers, and alternatives to animal testing. Key state issues include NYDEC ingredient communication, future CARB activity (VOCs), and ongoing legislation on various issues in other states, as well. The FSAC will also provide ingredient communication/education as needed, for example, Galaxolide®, Iso E Super®, sandalwood oil, eucalyptus oil, and preserving the diversity of safe and sustainable fragrance ingredients.

“It was evident from the onset that we founded something dynamic and distinctive with the formation of FSAC,” said FSAC Board Vice-Chair & Vice President, Stephanie Blakely. “We continue to bring together extremely knowledgeable and talented individuals to support the fragrance industry. The energy, camaraderie, and passion of the FSAC team only intensified as we came together in-person for our first Annual Meeting. The future of FSAC inspires me!”

FSAC Board Chair and President, Shawn Blythe, added, “It is exciting to have the opportunity to build something valuable from the ground up. While we are energetic competitors, it is extremely rewarding to see the areas where we, as leaders in this industry, can collaborate on advocacy positions that benefit the entire industry. The success of our first Annual Meeting was simply a confirmation that our aspirations are quickly translating to reality.”

The Fragrance Science & Advocacy Council (FSAC) is a recently formed trade association dedicated to the strategic development of responsible science-based public policy in North America.

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